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Best International Film Festival

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- Best Short Film –

WINNER – 656  

Special Award – Vardo

Honorable Mention – Dead Zone: Rise of Darkness  

Honorable Mention – CABBAGE  

-Best Feature Film-

WINNER – Scorched Earth  

Special Award –  Déjà Vu: The Peril of Pauline  

Honorable Mention – The Scentless  

Honorable Mention – Subversion  

- Best Director –

WINNER –Not One More!   

Special Award – COMMONHEART. From a childish mind  

Honorable Mention – Empty   

Honorable Mention – THE ZOO (Chidiakhana)   

- Best Documentary –

WINNER – In the footsteps of Jakub Grossmann  

Special Award – Cosmic Betrayal: Why They Murdered  

Honorable Mention –The Search For Maelruan 

Honorable Mention – Santiago of the Women  


-Best Debut Filmmaker-

WINNER – N eddy always carryingg  

Special Award –  FAIR PLAY  

Honorable Mention – The Other Side  

- Best Actress-


Special Award – Room For One   

Honorable Mention – The glass of friendship   

Honorable Mention – A moment of moments 


- Best Original Score /Soundtrack–


Special Award –  Wing Man  

Honorable Mention – Above All a Dreamer  

Honorable Mention – Runt   

- Best Cinematography-


Special Award –  JUMP SENIOR 

Honorable Mention – The Night Of Silver And Gold    

- Best Actor –

WINNER – Empty   

Special Award –  Hard to do Good 

Honorable Mention – Not an other one  

Honorable Mention – Under Heaven's Eyes - 'the Sysyemic and Systematic Unjustified Killings of Black Lives’ 

-Best Sreenplay-

WINNER – Stick Season  

- Best Animation –

WINNER – A Bride's Diary  

Special Award –  METAMORPHOSIS  

Honorable Mention – Ghosts of California  

Honorable Mention – St. Vitus Dance  

- Best Experimental Short Film –

WINNER – Study for Clouds  

Special Award –  The Righteous  

Honorable Mention – BYSTANDER  

Honorable Mention – Is it living or dying  

- Best Student Filmmaker-

WINNER – The Apple 

Special Award –  Caged 

Honorable Mention – Forever - The Life of a Caregiver  

Honorable Mention – Jackpot 

- Best Movie Poster –

WINNER – Romance Noir 

Special Award – KRASUE 

Honorable Mention – Fear of Flying

Honorable Mention – Up in Smoke 

- Best Horror –

WINNER – The Painting 

Special Award –  BRAMBORK 

Honorable Mention – VISITING 

-Best Sound Design-

WINNER – COMMONHEART. From a childish mind  

Special Award –  The Journey 

Honorable Mention – An Ambient Tale 

- Best Super Short Film –

WINNER – The Tunnel  

Special Award –  Sheriff 

- Best Comedy –

WINNER – WordLotto   

Special Award –  Lizziehead  

Honorable Mention – A Game of Shuttles 

Honorable Mention –COCHON AND THE SMALL RESET   

-Best Music Video-

WINNER – Junior High 

Special Award –  Mess Up by Xposed 4Heads 

Honorable Mention – The Invisible 

Honorable Mention – Our road

- Best Travel Film –

WINNER – Cactus, Love, Mountains: A Psychedelic Journey with Huachuma 

Special Award –  COME HOME - KONAVLE  

- Best Editing –

WINNER – Thicker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice 

Special Award –  Journey toward my Sister 

- Best Educational Film –

WINNER – Deserted in Bertie

Special Award –  Brahmakanya ( The colour of hope) 

- Best Trailer/Teaser –


Special Award –  MELITA   

Honorable Mention – 4teen - The Movie 

Honorable Mention – KRASUE 

-Best VFX-

WINNER – Katyusha 

-Best Young Filmmaker -

WINNER – One day of life 

Special Award –  4teen - The Movie 

Honorable Mention – A Little Help Goes A Long Way

- Best Mobile Short Film –

WINNER – Taken  

Special Award –  Saturday Morning Live/ Republic of Georgia Episode/US   

- Best Sound Editing –

WINNER – The Night Of Silver And Gold    

- Best Drone Short Film –

WINNER – A First Flight - Meu Primeiro Voo  

- Best Commercial –


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- Best Short Film –

WINNER – Al diavolo le sinapsi                

Special Award – Windows        

Honorable Mention –Ruth 

Honorable Mention – Dis-connected  

-Best Feature Film-

WINNER – Notes From The New World              

Special Award –  Observation Diary on Escaped Animals       

Honorable Mention – SPY LIST  

Honorable Mention – Walk 

Honorable Mention – Through life and death 

- Best Director –

WINNER –Money Greed                

Special Award – Secrets of the Temple: A Star Wars Fan Films                                  

Honorable Mention – CATFIGHT  

Honorable Mention –Drishti 

- Best Documentary –

WINNER –Take your space                

Special Award –The szekler Atlantisz         

Honorable Mention –Wrestling with Cancer  

Honorable Mention – MY FATHER'S STUDIO  


-Best Debut Filmmaker-

WINNER – Mariposas                  

Special Award – Trampala         

Honorable Mention – SPEAK TO ME OF BLUE 

Honorable Mention – MOMO IN DUBAI  

- Best Actress-

WINNER – The Shadow Of Freedom                

Special Award – FEAR        

Honorable Mention – Colliding Magnets  

Honorable Mention – The Ultimate, Limited Edition, Invite Only, International Girls Film Club   


- Best Original Score /Soundtrack–

WINNER – The Closing Chapter                     

Special Award –Under Offer         

Honorable Mention –Corridors 

Honorable Mention – Hello Hooman 

- Best Cinematography-

WINNER – B.R.I                

Special Award – Kate is Sad        

Honorable Mention –Cornerboy 

Honorable Mention – Terra Australis Incognita 

- Best Actor –

WINNER – In the Backseat                  

Special Award –Pandl          

Honorable Mention –S for Submission 

Honorable Mention –Diligitis               

-Best Sreenplay-

WINNER – Secrets of the Temple: A Star Wars Fan Films                             

Special Award –Diligitis               

Honorable Mention – The story of Kostas Puppetopoulos  

- Best Animation –

WINNER – a tree once grew here                

Special Award –Interior         

Honorable Mention – JAZZ QUINTET (MILES DAVIS) 

Honorable Mention – A woman's odyssey 

- Best Experimental Short Film –

WINNER –Reue - Regret                

Special Award – ALLEGRO        

Honorable Mention – Findings

Honorable Mention – My Macbeth 


- Best Student Filmmaker-

WINNER –Glass Works                

- Best Movie Poster –

WINNER – Secrets of the Temple: A Star Wars Fan Films               

Special Award – SPEAK TO ME OF BLUE      

- Best Horror –

WINNER – Chateau Sauvignon: terroir                

Special Award –Imperil Dimension         

Honorable Mention –Don't Let Her In 

-Best Sound Design-

WINNER –  Perfect Match               

- Best Super Short Film –

WINNER – Adieu                

Special Award –  Waterfall       

Honorable Mention – BACCY 

- Best Comedy –

WINNER – Hector heat stroke                

Special Award – The Actress        

Honorable Mention – STEW 

-Best Costume Design-

WINNER –   L'Anima Della Croce (Soul of the Cross)              

Special Award – Be-Friended          

-Best Music Video-

WINNER –Go (Music Video)                  

Special Award – On the Breadline        

- Best Environment Film –

WINNER –To uncage a bird                 

Special Award –Save Our Soil         

Honorable Mention – Flight 

- Best Editing –

WINNER – After The Wait             

Special Award – Diligitis        

Honorable Mention – Is This Art  

- Best Educational Film –

WINNER – Remembrance               

Special Award – So does the silence        

-Best Makeup-

WINNER –Secrets of the Temple: A Star Wars Fan Films                              

Special Award – L'Anima Della Croce (Soul of the Cross)                    

Honorable Mention – Don't Let Her In 

-Best Supporting Actress-

WINNER –Secrets of the Temple: A Star Wars Fan Films                                            

Special Award – The Closing Chapter        

Honorable Mention – Imperil Dimension         

-Best Photography-

WINNER –  Second Chance              

-Best Young Filmmaker -

WINNER – Adult               


- Best Drone Short Film –

WINNER –Neuschwanstein Fairytale Castle                  

- Best Commercial –

WINNER – Life Savers                 

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- Best Short Film –

WINNER – Little Devils                  

Special Award –  The Power of Choice         

Honorable Mention – Anagnorisis                            

Honorable Mention – NETSEF 1              

-Best Feature Film-

WINNER –Behind Gates                   

Special Award – The Herb Train           

Honorable Mention – Cuckoo's Den                              

Honorable Mention – DUI(Two)              

- Best Director –

WINNER – Black Box                  

Special Award – KIDS           

Honorable Mention – When Death Comes Knocking                                                    

Honorable Mention – GOOD GUY WITH A GUN                                                   

- Best Documentary –

WINNER –Morningstar                   

Special Award – #BUTGOD           

Honorable Mention – JOY IN THE MORNING                            

Honorable Mention – Stone Through Time..The Dry Stones of Kythnos  


-Best Debut Filmmaker-

WINNER –COMING SOON.                    

Special Award – The Ruin           

Honorable Mention – NOSTALGIA BEACH                            

Honorable Mention –I AM LYING               

- Best Actress-

WINNER –Sins of the Mother                   

Special Award –Facing the Silence                     

Honorable Mention – Arabesque                                            

Honorable Mention –When Death Comes Knocking                                      


- Best Original Score /Soundtrack–

WINNER –Rio Uphill Part 1                     

Special Award –  Donovan City Fall             

Honorable Mention –Alone                               

Honorable Mention – The Colors Eater              


- Best Cinematography-

WINNER –The Phantom & The Cat                  

Special Award –Hide and Seek            

Honorable Mention – REVERSE                            

Honorable Mention –  Word Search 

- Best Actor –

WINNER –Still Hunting                   

Special Award –Good Intentions            

Honorable Mention – The penalty                             

Honorable Mention –  When Death Comes Knocking                          

-Best Sreenplay-

WINNER –Deadline To Death                    

Special Award – A FRIEND            

Honorable Mention – GOOD GUY WITH A GUN                                        

Honorable Mention – Me. My eleven years. War.                        

- Best Animation –

WINNER –Inside the Chest                  

Special Award – Dr. Yes          

Honorable Mention –  Just Bugs                            

Honorable Mention – DOBERMANN 50              

- Best Experimental Short Film –

WINNER –Under the Ground                  

Special Award – THE FILM OF THE 38TH PARALLEL             

Honorable Mention –ARNO                               

Honorable Mention – CAMERA AND BODY              


- Best Student Filmmaker-

WINNER –Sanatorium                  

Special Award –Dog Tags             

Honorable Mention –IF THEY ASK WHAT IT IS; IT IS A LEAF                                             

Honorable Mention –  Odd Birds                         


- Best Supporting Actor-

WINNER –  When Death Comes Knocking                

Special Award –Facing the Silence            

Honorable Mention – Ticking                             

Honorable Mention –  GOOD GUY WITH A GUN              

- Best Movie Poster –


Special Award – Invisible Green           

Honorable Mention – Oppenheimer After Trinity                              

Honorable Mention –Grimoire Vol. 1                             

- Best Horror –

WINNER –   Of Light and Shadows                 

Special Award –  Enter the Room            

- Best Science Fiction –

WINNER – Grimoire Vol. 1                  

Special Award –    Just Bugs         

-Best Sound Design-

WINNER – Arabesque                  

- Best Super Short Film –

WINNER –   Sisterly Love               

Special Award – The Angel of Death            

Honorable Mention – The Diaspora Story: Kalpavriksha                         

Honorable Mention –  Baby Cam               

- Best Comedy –

WINNER –Roomates                   

Special Award – HAPPY FOR EVER          

Honorable Mention – Ranting                             

Honorable Mention –REPETITION               

-Best Costume Design-

WINNER –  Marie-Antoinette, Sacrificed Queen                         

-Best Music Video-

WINNER –Ursidae - Bonsai Tree                   

Special Award –Lungs (feat. Drowsy)            

Honorable Mention –Celery                               

Honorable Mention – Where Are You               

- Best Environment Film –

WINNER – A New LVHS: Pioneering Animal Welfare in the Lehigh Valley              

Special Award –    Salty people        

- Best Travel Film –

WINNER –  Adventures of Aya - Dubai                 

Special Award –     Future Cities       

- Best Editing –

WINNER –A New LVHS: Pioneering Animal Welfare in the Lehigh Valley                             

Special Award –   Magnifying Rings          

- Best Educational Film –

WINNER – Guilty Not Guilty                 

Special Award – Me. My eleven years. War.             

Honorable Mention – A New LVHS: Pioneering Animal Welfare in the Lehigh Valley                                    

- Best Trailer/Teaser –

WINNER –The Epic Movement      

Special Award –   Consciousness    

Honorable Mention – A New LVHS: Pioneering Animal Welfare in the Lehigh Valley         

-Best Makeup-

WINNER –  Casting Film Youssef Shaheen                  

-Best Supporting Actress-

WINNER –  Ticking                                         

Special Award –RIVALRY            

Honorable Mention – Sisterly Love                                         

Honorable Mention –What is wrong with us?                                           

-Best VFX-

WINNER –   Odd Birds               

Special Award – Like Father           

-Best Photography-

WINNER –Materialistic Happiness                   

Special Award –Future Cities                

Honorable Mention – A New LVHS: Pioneering Animal Welfare in the Lehigh Valley                                    

-Best Young Filmmaker -

WINNER – Porcupine                 

Special Award –JUMP            

Honorable Mention –Materialistic Happiness                                              

Honorable Mention –What is wrong with us?                               


- Best Mobile Short Film –

WINNER – THE LOST                 

Special Award –  A pair of happiness            

Honorable Mention – What is wrong with us?                               

Honorable Mention –   Me. My eleven years. War.             

- Best Drone Short Film –

WINNER –  Taking drones to the next level – FPV Showreel             

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- Best Short Film –

WINNER –   And then, the silence            

Special Award – Pandemic Love         

Honorable Mention –  Why We Are Unhappy in Cities                         

Honorable Mention –    13 Amsterdam Street       

-Best Feature Film-

WINNER – Forces        

Special Award –  SHOCKING MARRIAGE        

Honorable Mention – HABIBA                                  

Honorable Mention – K-School        

- Best Director –

WINNER –    Broken Circle         

Special Award –  ASHES AND BLOOD        

Honorable Mention –ANTIQUE CLOCK, COPPER BASIN AND CAT                             

Honorable Mention – NENU CARE OF NUVVU  

- Best Documentary –


Special Award –  Idol in a Strange Company         

Honorable Mention –J'Accuse! A cry from the killing pits of Lithuania                            

Honorable Mention –   My Mother the State      

-Best Debut Filmmaker-

WINNER – Zarja           

Special Award –  Closing Time         

Honorable Mention –   Blood Buddies                              

Honorable Mention –    Passage       

- Best Actress-

WINNER – Not Nothing        

Special Award –"medèn àgan" NOTHING BEYOND MEASURE    

Honorable Mention – Lights off    

Honorable Mention –  DOUBLE RAINBOW


- Best Original Score /Soundtrack–

WINNER –   Make a Wish           

Special Award –   ASHES AND BLOOD      

Honorable Mention – Broken Circle                                 

Honorable Mention – MusArt 


- Best Cinematography-

WINNER –   Manhattan Moments   

Special Award – Listen to Her         

Honorable Mention –   The Boy in the Tiny House and The Monster Who Lived Next Door                              

Honorable Mention –  UN' ULTIMA VOLTA        

- Best Actor –

WINNER – Above the Double Crossing    

Special Award –   The Day I Was Born       

Honorable Mention – The gift of the devil  

Honorable Mention –  Me and Myself       

-Best Screenplay-

WINNER – Meraki & The Swan Song    

Special Award –    MIXED SPIRITS    

Honorable Mention – Check Your Order!: What You Say Is What You Get                            

Honorable Mention –   Sur la Route        

- Best Animation –

WINNER – The Boy and The Mountain      

Special Award – How Much for the Exam?    

Honorable Mention –    Song of the Mermaid    

Honorable Mention –   Olive Planet     

- Best Experimental Short Film –

WINNER –     Forget-Me-Not     

Special Award –  Windows to the World - AM to PM       

Honorable Mention –  Haikus by Natsuishi Ban'ya                               

Honorable Mention –  When I   


- Best Student Filmmaker-

WINNER –   Wave Land     

Special Award –  Serendipity            

Honorable Mention – Unshot film  

Honorable Mention – Crazy Bird Lady (A cheesy bird poem)      

- Best Supporting Actor-


Special Award –   My Obsession      

Honorable Mention –  Side Seeing The Movie                                  

Honorable Mention –   Serendipity        

- Best Movie Poster –

WINNER –   Bad Love Tigers   

Special Award –     Project Valentina Poster   

Honorable Mention –  Serendipity    

Honorable Mention –     Vuk: Murder in a Blue World   

- Best Horror –

WINNER –     Dr. Saville's Horror Show      

Special Award –Harmony Falls    

Honorable Mention –  Neraka     

Honorable Mention –Your Lucky Day    


-Best Sound Design-

WINNER –   Power In The Blood!     

Special Award –    Best Student    

Honorable Mention –     Hoakes                               

Honorable Mention – Lockdown    


- Best Super Short Film –

WINNER –        Bounty Credited!!      

Special Award –      Sheep      

Honorable Mention –     Creación  

Honorable Mention –     +380 | Kyiv, Ukraine |       

- Best Comedy –

WINNER –   The Redeemables            

Special Award – Zipwaz Humphries and the Father of Fudge-Ups        

Honorable Mention –  The Martin Decker Show     

Honorable Mention –     Side Seeing The Movie      

-Best Costume Design-

WINNER – STOKER              

Special Award –     Caperucita Azul (Little Blue Riding Hood)    

Honorable Mention –   This May Be the End             

Honorable Mention – Heidee         

-Best Music Video-

WINNER –  Skylark (Official Music Video)       

Special Award –    Omnipotent Resolution    

- Best Environment Film –

WINNER –  This May Be the End             

Special Award –   Saving: Weekley Hall Woods   

Honorable Mention –   The Plastic Collector    

Honorable Mention –     An Ecocide    

- Best Travel Film –

WINNER –  PAris     

Special Award –    Why Bosnia and Herzegovina can be NUMBER 1 travel destination in the world     

Honorable Mention –   The creative spark that follows saying “I Don’t Know”  

Honorable Mention –    IN MY COUNTRY   

- Best Editing –

WINNER –      Undress   

Special Award –      Sur la Route     

Honorable Mention –   Nafkot - Yearning                             

Honorable Mention –  Julia                                

- Best Educational Film –

WINNER –    The Last Seed        

Special Award –   AUTISM ACROSS THE GLOBE   

Honorable Mention –     My Two Lives, Creative Response to the Holocaust  

Honorable Mention –     Sound Imprint II     

- Best Trailer/Teaser –

WINNER – Death in the Wire     

Special Award –     UMOYA           

Honorable Mention –Julia                             

Honorable Mention – Radio Room   

- Best Sound Editing –

WINNER – Hoakes       

-Best Makeup-

WINNER –       Zombie Resurrection           

-Best Supporting Actress-

WINNER –     Not Nothing       

Special Award –    Giti jan      

-Best Photography-

WINNER –  Flamingo           

Special Award –  UMOYA       

Honorable Mention –    Julia                             

-Best Young Filmmaker -

WINNER –     The Eraser   

Special Award –     The Boomerang    

Honorable Mention – Daisy                                

Honorable Mention –  Best Friends Forever      

- Best Mobile Short Film –

WINNER –   Lockdown    

Special Award –     Indlala      

- Best Commercial –

WINNER –      HER - Story of a Princess         

Special Award –  Hearing the Moon       

- Best Drone Short Film –

WINNER –   Bavaria     

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The Festival encourages people to create, to become inovative and to comunicate amongst themselves regarding art. It is also a platform that will help people find their vocation for film.
It is ogranized by students and teachers from universities, colleges and schools from around the world.


Best Short Film
Best Feature Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Animation
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best VFX
Best Sound Design
Best Sound Editing
Best Costume Design
Best Production Design
Best Original Score / Soundtrack
Best Makeup
Best Photography
Best Music Video
Best Young Filmmaker (under 18)
Best Debut Filmmaker
Best Experimental Short Film
Best Student Filmmaker
Best Drone Short Film
Best Mobile Short Film
Best Horror
Best Science Fiction
Best Educational Film
Best Environment Film
Best Travel Film
Best Super Short Film (1 minute or less)
Best Commercial
Best Trailer/Teaser
Best Movie Poster

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Every film must have all the rights for everything that is used in it.
The films must NOT contain graphic violence, racism or nudity.

The certificates will be received by the winners.

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WINNERS May 2022

Best Short Film (up to 15 y.o.)

WINNER – The Butler and the Ball      

Special Award –  Additional Classes   

Honorable Mention –  Mission Documentary: interview with Refugee Jerusalem Marathon Winner, Valentyna Veretska and her daughter, Alisa            

Best Short Film (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –Drowners    

Special Award –  A Day in the Life of a Pig  

Honorable Mention –    Asset of Teeth    

Best Short Film (20-25 y.o)

WINNER –  The First Sieve is the Truth          

Best Short Film (above 26 y.o)

WINNER –  Holestepper                

Best Documentary (up to 15 y.o.)

WINNER –  Documentary: Ukranian Refugee Interview for Peace with Ukranian Cat Art
Special Award –  The Boy, The Vision and The American Dream   

Honorable Mention –    Free as a Bird    

Best Documentary (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –  Bird Lady     

Best Photography (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER – Landscape     

Special Award –  Abstract   

Best Animation (up to 15 y.o.)

WINNER –Reaper    

Special Award –  Just an Ordinary Day    

Best Editor (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –Asset of Teeth    

Special Award –  Landscape        

Best Cinematography (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER – Cliché       

Special Award –  Drowners               

Honorable Mention –    THE PROJECTIONIST   

Best Commercial (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER – Abstract    

Best Director (16-19 y.o)

WINNER –  The Holding Room  

Best Director (20-25 y.o.)

WINNER –  A Long Conversation...         

Special Award –  THE PROJECTIONIST   

Best Screenplay (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –  Watching People     

Best Supporting Actor (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –  Quantum Quest         

Best Supporting Actress (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –  Dinner      

Best Horror Film (up to 15 y.o.)

WINNER –  Reaper     

Best Horror Film (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –  The Holding Room       

Best Comedy Film (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –  Dinner       

Best Actor (above 26 y.o) 

WINNER –  Holestepper             

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