Best International Film Festival


The Festival encourages people to create, to become inovative and to comunicate amongst themselves regarding art. It is also a platform that will help people find their vocation for film.
It is ogranized by students and teachers from universities, colleges and schools from around the world.


Best Short Film
Best Feature Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Animation
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best VFX
Best Sound Design
Best Sound Editing
Best Costume Design
Best Production Design
Best Original Score / Soundtrack
Best Makeup
Best Photography
Best Music Video
Best Young Filmmaker (under 18)
Best Debut Filmmaker
Best Experimental Short Film
Best Student Filmmaker
Best Drone Short Film
Best Mobile Short Film
Best Horror
Best Science Fiction
Best Educational Film
Best Environment Film
Best Travel Film
Best Super Short Film (1 minute or less)
Best Commercial
Best Trailer/Teaser
Best Movie Poster


Every film must have all the rights for everything that is used in it.
The films must NOT contain graphic violence, racism or nudity.

The certificates will be received by the winners.


WINNERS May 2022

Best Short Film (up to 15 y.o.)

WINNER – The Butler and the Ball      

Special Award –  Additional Classes   

Honorable Mention –  Mission Documentary: interview with Refugee Jerusalem Marathon Winner, Valentyna Veretska and her daughter, Alisa            

Best Short Film (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –Drowners    

Special Award –  A Day in the Life of a Pig  

Honorable Mention –    Asset of Teeth    

Best Short Film (20-25 y.o)

WINNER –  The First Sieve is the Truth          

Best Short Film (above 26 y.o)

WINNER –  Holestepper                

Best Documentary (up to 15 y.o.)

WINNER –  Documentary: Ukranian Refugee Interview for Peace with Ukranian Cat Art
Special Award –  The Boy, The Vision and The American Dream   

Honorable Mention –    Free as a Bird    

Best Documentary (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –  Bird Lady     

Best Photography (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER – Landscape     

Special Award –  Abstract   

Best Animation (up to 15 y.o.)

WINNER –Reaper    

Special Award –  Just an Ordinary Day    

Best Editor (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –Asset of Teeth    

Special Award –  Landscape        

Best Cinematography (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER – Cliché       

Special Award –  Drowners               

Honorable Mention –    THE PROJECTIONIST   

Best Commercial (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER – Abstract    

Best Director (16-19 y.o)

WINNER –  The Holding Room  

Best Director (20-25 y.o.)

WINNER –  A Long Conversation...         

Special Award –  THE PROJECTIONIST   

Best Screenplay (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –  Watching People     

Best Supporting Actor (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –  Quantum Quest         

Best Supporting Actress (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –  Dinner      

Best Horror Film (up to 15 y.o.)

WINNER –  Reaper     

Best Horror Film (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –  The Holding Room       

Best Comedy Film (16-19 y.o.)

WINNER –  Dinner       

Best Actor (above 26 y.o) 

WINNER –  Holestepper